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Don’t miss man’s greatest need!

Have we become the Pharisees of the Twenty First Century?

The humble birth of the King of Kings was so disguised that many have either refused to move on the purpose of His coming or they have not acknowledged man’s greatest need.

Yes, He was sent as a gift to mankind. Not to renew a covenant or contract, because that wasn’t man’s greatest need. Nor did He come to set us free from an oppressive government and establish His rule. (At least not yet!)

Christ didn’t come to take away your struggles, He overcame them at the cross.

Do you see how confused we are about His purpose? He came to institute a new Covenant by His blood. A new covenant that supersedes all others because it offers forgiveness of sin!

Our greatest need is forgiveness of sin. Sin which we hide, put away, or more often today parade around for others to see.

Lord forgive us when we have failed to embrace your sacrifice as if it were apart of another covenant, contract, or rite.

You gave your only Son for our sin, and nothing has nor ever will supersede the work of God’s great plan of redemption for mankind through the blood of your Son, Jesus!

There is no other name by which man can be saved.

Lord forgive me for letting anyone mislead or misunderstand your purpose and man’s greatest need. May you empower me with your Holy Spirit to proclaim the good news.

Man can now have forgiveness of sin through Christ Jesus!

I urge you to confess your sin today and embrace the gift Christ has given you.

Merry Christmas and Jesus First!

Rusty Hall

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